Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg.


At Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy we love to read, and when we read about Mark's 2015 resolution we were nothing short of inspired. We've decided to take the year of books challenge with him, and we hope you do too. Each time Zuck makes a pick we'll send you an email with the details of that book. We'll also be updating this website with his thoughts on each book, as well as other's reactions to his picks. 

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Impact on the Publishing Industry

Within hours of Zuckerberg picking The End of Power (his first book pick), the paperback book was out of stock on Amazon. We're curious to see how his picks influence sales and rank on Amazon so we'll be tracking those stats on our Book Rank page. 

What People Are Saying

Zuckerberg's announcement was met with lots of press and we expect at least one of his picks will stir up some controversy. We'll be posting links to interesting commentary as it is published on our Buzz page. We'll also be watching the reactions of the authors whose books are picked on the Author Reaction page. 


How to find the Best New Books

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